Financing Options

Home Only Loan – No land needed 5 % down payment and a minimum credit score of 620. Parks, private and leased land are permitted.

Stated Income Loan – Self employed and can't verify income? 20 % down and a credit score of 680 and you might qualify? Land not required

Equity Loan – I you have credit problems and have 25%-40% cash down and no 21st mortgage or Vanderbilt foreclosures we can help. No land needed

VA Loan - 100% Financing. VA certificate, VA guidelines. This loan requires Land which can be purchased or deeded in your name. All improvements such as septic tanks, power, sewer etc can be financed into the loan with one low payment. Loan amount is based on appraisal

FHA Loan – Government backed loan that requires 3.5%-5% down that requires land or cash on hand. 580 minimum credit score required. Land, home, improvements can be financed in to one low fixed payment.

Conventional Land/Home – 20 % down payment, land equity or cash. 640 minimum credit score, all improvements can be included.

The Banner Program - This is a special finance program with customers that have 575-610 Beacon Scores called the "Banner Program". This is a program that is offered on certain new homes, must have 10% down payment and the home site must be on private property. Cannot use land as your down payment.

Buy For Program – 10%-20% down payment and a minimum credit score of 680, land not required. Limited credit or bad credit a relative could help with this loan.


Home Buyers Checklist


What are your family's needs?

How many bedrooms/bathrooms do you need?

Will you need space to grow?


Where's the perfect place for your home?

Do you own or are you intending to buy land?

Will your home be placed on a leased home site?


Our extremely knowledgeable retailers are there to guide you through every step of the home-buying process.

Call 1.800.557.8668


Choose your favorite options.

Customize your home with décor packages, upgrade your appliances, change your floor covering...the list goes on.


What is the best way to pay for your new home?

Day Star can offer a wide range of financing options that are designed to meet your needs.


Your new home is on its way!

Our homes are delivered directly to Day Star Homes for inspection then we will deliver to your property as planned.


It's here, now it's time to be installed.

Our homes are built in one or more sections. After being transported, they are installed; the utilities are connected and you move in!


All that's left is your approval!

Make sure everything is as you expected. If not, don't hesitate to contact Day Star Homes consultant so that issues may be quickly addressed.



Buying from Day Star

You've thought about what floor plan is right for you. You're getting excited visualizing living in a brand new home. Now it's time to choose Day Star Homes.

What Day Star Homes Can Do for You

It's important to understand up front what Day Star Homes will handle and what you are expected to manage in the process. Day Star Homes will do much more than sell you a home. Beyond guiding you through the entire process, Day Star Homes can help you with financing and finding land.

Additionally, Day Star Homes expertise in assuring proper home siting and installation is critical to your home's performance. Day Star Homes will handle installation directly and have relationships with reputable, experienced subcontractors who are responsible for transportation, site preparation, installation, and final trim and finish. Day Star Homes can also help you find landscaping, well drilling, and septic system contractors as well.

Day Star Homes may also be your point of contact for any warranty services you may need.

Because they play a big role in every part of the process, even after you move in, choosing Day Star Homes is important. Day Star Homes is a little different in the types of services they offer so it's important to clarify everything up front. It's a good idea to ask other owners and ask for references. Shopping with Day Star Homes will pay off in the long run.

Developing Your Property

Found the land on which you want to build? Congratulations! There are many practical factors to be considered to ensure the timeliness of the delivery process, the utilities hook up, and any site improvements. There are also necessary precautions to take which will provide long-term home durability.

Zoning - Are there any regulations that would prevent siting your home?

Access - Is there adequate access to the site for delivery of your home?

Utilities - Is there access to utilities such as electricity, gas or alternate fuel, water, sewer or septic tank etc?

Permits - What is required in your community? More than one permit may be required for site improvement and the installation of your home.

 Day Star Homes will assist you every step of the way.

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