Buying from Day Star

Buying from Day Star

You've thought about what floor plan is right for you. You're getting excited visualizing living in a brand new home. Now it's time to choose Day Star Homes.

What Day Star Homes Can Do for You

It's important to understand up front what Day Star Homes will handle and what you are expected to manage in the process. Day Star Homes will do much more than sell you a home. Beyond guiding you through the entire process, Day Star Homes can help you with financing and finding land.

Additionally, Day Star Homes expertise in assuring proper home siting and installation is critical to your home's performance. Day Star Homes will handle installation directly and have relationships with reputable, experienced subcontractors who are responsible for transportation, site preparation, installation, and final trim and finish. Day Star Homes can also help you find landscaping, well drilling, and septic system contractors as well.

Day Star Homes may also be your point of contact for any warranty services you may need.

Because they play a big role in every part of the process, even after you move in, choosing Day Star Homes is important. Day Star Homes is a little different in the types of services they offer so it's important to clarify everything up front. It's a good idea to ask other owners and ask for references. Shopping with Day Star Homes will pay off in the long run.

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